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As part of a comprehensive portfolio management, ADREALIS Service KVG implements the defined investment strategies of the AIF it manages in all phases of the product cycle.


ADREALIS Service KVG identifies, measures, assesses and manages all the risks inherent in the AIF it manages. The risk management is based on state-of-the-art IT systems and established workflows.


ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH, Market Leader in the Approval of Closed-End Funds

ADREALIS is the German portfolio management company of the XOLARIS Group, which currently handles a volume of more than EUR 1 billion in investment funds. 

XOLARIS Group allows the entire process chain from structuring to liquidation to be mapped out.


We Provide Services for Almost All Asset Classes in the World of Real Assets

ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH, as Independent Service AIFM, we are able to offer you custom-made product structures under the regulations of the German AIFM directive and under the supervision of BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

Real Estate

Real Values to touch. One of the most common and successful asset classes of the past two decades within the world of alternatives while combining value stability with grwoth opportunities

Financial Assets

Especially for Multi-Asset-Structures we are able to implement also financial assets


Facing the challanges of an fast changing world in energy and natural ressources. Together with our clients we reach out for the objectives

Private Equity

More than just the asset class of early stage investments up to growth capital and buyouts. In our opinion the most important structure to serve our clients´ intentions and needs

Corporate Service

We support and advise you in the organisation, structuring and implementation to match relevant regulations and organisational obligations

Marine & Logistics

Essential not only for the global trade but also domestic infrastructures, these asset classes will also play in the future a central role in general


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Together, We Develop an Optimized and Tailored Solution for You

With its risk and portfolio management, ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH ensures smooth functioning for the benefit of its investors.

As a result, our German portfolio management company, ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH, was named market leader in the approval of closed-end funds in Germany by Scope in 2020.

Private investors

Investor, Financier, Capital Provider

Professional investors

I invest on behalf of my clients or advise or represent organizations, foundations or institutions

Our customers and business partners are satisfied with our service and support

ADREALIS is the German portfolio management company of the XOLARIS Group. The XOLARIS Group offers you comprehensive structure solutions that permit you to invest your resources efficiently and effectively.

We will deal with all of the regulatory and administrative aspects of the structure solution that perfectly meets your needs and requirements – so you can focus completely on your core business. Our offer is primarily aimed at asset owners, such as family offices, pension funds and medium-sized enterprises.

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