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ADREALIS is a portfolio management company for alternative investment funds approved by BaFin in 2014 pursuant to Sections 20, 22 KAGB (German Investment Code). It produces and manages alternative investment funds (AIF) for third parties.

ADREALIS is the German portfolio management company of the XOLARIS Group, which currently handles a volume of more than EUR 1 billion in investment funds. The link with the XOLARIS Group allows the entire process chain from structuring to liquidation to be mapped out. 

As a service portfolio management company, Adrealis provides services for initiators in the asset classes of private equity, real estate, renewable energies and shipping.

Adrealis believes that incorporating ESG sustainability principles will lead to a more balanced risk/reward profile for its investments and to a long-term path of growth, profitability and sustainability.

The Managing Directors of the (KVG) ADREALIS Are Ernst Rohwedder and Dr. Iur. Ulrich Kauffmann

Ernst Rohwedder has more than 30 years’ professional experience in the area of banking and financial services. Throughout his professional career, Mr Rohwedder has contributed to the creation of regulated and unregulated funds until market maturity in the real estate, renewable energies and raw materials asset classes.

Between 1982 and 1989, Mr Rohwedder completed his studies in Business Administration at the University of Münster and successfully obtained his diploma. From 2000 to 2002, he acted as managing director for a German issuing house at which he was responsible for the areas of fund management, investor support and personnel. Following this, he undertook roles as a fund manager, authorised representative and vice president for a leading issuing house until 2011, where he was responsible for managing real estate investments based in the USA. Between 2012 and 2013, Mr Rohwedder was based in the USA where he managed real estate and equity investments for private and institutional investors. From 2014 to 2016, Mr Rohwedder worked in Luxembourg and Munich as a real asset investment manager for a portfolio management company where he was responsible for overseeing reports and annual financial statements, among other duties.

From 2016, Mr Rohwedder worked in portfolio management for the XOLARIS Group and, since 2020, has been acting as Head of Real Estate and authorised representative of ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH. Since April 2020, he has also assumed the role as managing director of Sunrise Capital Verwaltungs-GmbH and Sunrise Capital Management GmbH, overseeing the legal functions of the KAGB-compliant projects within the XOLARIS Group.

Dr. iur. Ulrich Kauffmann following his law degree at the University of Cologne and subsequent traineeship, Mr Kauffmann has worked in the field of banking and financial services for 25 years.

After a brief stint working as a lawyer, he began his career in the financial sector in 1997 at Oppenheim Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH in Cologne where he was head of the legal department and later fund controlling. In particular, he assisted with the launch and management of securities-based funds here as well as the creation and approval of new financial service providers.

In early 2007, he moved to UBS Global Asset Management GmbH in Frankfurt am Main where he took on a management role. In this role, he was responsible for support functions such as legal, compliance & risk control, fund accounting as well as finance, controlling and accounting. In 2013, he joined the management team at Generali Investments Deutschland GmbH in Cologne where he was responsible for sales in addition to the aforementioned areas of responsibility. He acted as management spokesman until the merger of the company. From 2017 to 2021, he worked as a legal advisor for AVANA Invest GmbH in Munich and INTREAL Legal Advisory GmbH in Hamburg. In doing so, he broadened his area of expertise to include the real estate asset class.

Since January 2022, Dr Kauffmann has been managing director of ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH.

He became Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ADREALIS Service KVG in 2016. Stefan Klaile founded the XOLARIS Group in 2010.

He is on the board of directors at XOLARIS AG, Vaduz/Liechtenstein. Prior to 2010, he gathered more than 15 years of managerial experience in the area of liquid and illiquid financial products by working for international brokers, banks and management consultancies as well as for an independent expert for private equity investments and hedge funds in Switzerland.


Individual Solutions for Real Assets - Worldwide

The XOLARIS Group is a full-service providing Management Company (“ManCo”) and a highly appreciated partner in finding individualized solutions for its client’s specific needs while making sure that its clients are able to concentrate on their core duties.

We therefore offer investment services within regulatory guidelines to its clients and assume responsibility of the statutory requirements in the interest of the investors. We run our own AIFMs in the heart of Europe and operate our own administration unit, which is securing the ability to suit the individual objectives of each client. We operate offices in Liechtenstein, Germany, Hongkong and in Singapore.

Our German portfolio management company, ADREALIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH, was named market leader in the approval of closed-end funds in Germany by Scope in 2020.


True to our motto "Investmentquality - Made with Passion", we take the time to understand our clients' needs and implement them in individual structuring solutions.

As an external service AIFM, we relieve you of operational and regulatory tasks so that you can concentrate fully on your core competencies.

Within our various entities we are able to suit the individual objectives of our clients with clear focus and limitation on third party structures.


With us, our clients benefit from in-depth know-how, many years of experience and a comprehensive range of services along the process and value chain of an AIF.

As our clients act as initiators of an AIF, we consider it essential that the finished product not only bears their intention and content-related signature, but is ultimately shaped by their identity.

We also see ourselves as the central coordinator of all protagonists, service providers and process chains during the entire life cycle of the AIF.


Highly sensitive to these criteria, XOLARIS Group relies on the recommendations of its advisors within the structuring process and their clients´ intentions for creating financial solutions.

Therefore, the rules defined in the by-laws or prospectus and the Key Information Documents of each Alternative Investment Fund under management. ESG criteria are thus not used as a systematic filter of fund management and risk management by XOLARIS Group.

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